How to Wash Carpet at Home Best Practical Advice

How to Wash Carpet at Home Best Practical Advice

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How do you wash the carpet at home? This question puts many owners of comfortable soft covers. Washing carpets alone is a tedious and painstaking process that can lead to unexpected results. A frivolous and amateurish approach can lead to the loss of the elegant appearance of the product.

Therefore, if you decide to take such a step, be extremely careful and careful. A win-win option might be to use a sample product or a small piece of it. Thanks to this, it is easy to conduct an experiment on the chosen washing method and make sure of its effectiveness and effectiveness, to evaluate all the advantages. If the result is not impressive, how to wash carpet at home then you can easily go with another method of washing.

Before starting the washing process, you need to think about simple rules and simple tips, which must necessarily be implemented. How do I wash the carpet at home? There are special detergents for washing carpets. It is better to use it. The following recommendations should also be considered:

  • Don’t wash wool carpets, regular powder, or detergents. Such funds can provoke the most unpredictable and worst consequences, from damage to a pile and ending with discoloration.
  • The product should be protected from obtaining bleaching products and dyes and not using traditional cleaning methods that are not designed specifically for carpets. In this case, the underdeveloped attitude to the choice of means may lead to the loss of the product or its original appearance. But such a thing is expensive, and it is selected for at least a decade, so it must be handled very carefully.

How to  wash  carpet at home, if you live in a small apartment?

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Washing carpets in the bathroom

City dwellers often wonder how to wash carpets in the bathroom. Often the bathroom is the only possible option, especially if the apartment is located on the last floors. If you do not know how to do carpet washing in such conditions, you will need the following knowledge.

Useful Tips

  1. Before the water treatment process, it is necessary to vacuum the carpet very carefully, removing foreign and unnecessary objects. Next, you need to roll up the product and put it in the bath itself, which is half filled with water. When turning off one end of the rug, it is necessary to carry out rubbing with a brush previously moistened with a gel-like substance. After cleaning the upper corner, we must proceed to other sections of the product. How to wash a wool rug at home
  2. Be care full Before you start washing the carpet at home, you should choose an existing cleaning product. It must be liquid.
  3. Better to wash the carpet at home? The answer is just a special tool. Do not apply a simple washing powder because it leaves stains. If you have not encountered such a problem before and are not sure that you know what to wash the carpet product, it is better to use a special cleaner.

How do you dry the carpet after washing?

How to wash the carpet at home, it became more or less clear. No less dangerous than proper drying of the product, so as not to lead to deformation of the fibers and loss of original attractiveness. To do this, follow these tips:

  1. In the case of warm summer weather, for the quick drying of carpet products, it is necessary to open the windows, thereby ensuring sufficient air flow. It will not be superfluous to turn on the air conditioner on the heating function, so that the air flow is directed towards the product, but not on the carpet itself.
  2. Hanging the product outside is a great option for drying. It can be a balcony or a street. Than you can wash the carpet at home
  3. If this is not possible, it is necessary to lay the rug on the chairs so that they are in a suspended and well-ventilated position. It is forbidden to open the product near heating appliances or appliances in contact with fire, so as not to cause deformation.

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How to Wash carpet at Home

If your product is made of natural woolen materials and the question of washing them is confusing, it is necessary to fully understand it. How to wash a wool carpet at home? This is easy to do, the main thing is to understand how to do it:

  1. Initially, it is necessary to dilute a special treat in cold water, but not ice water and whisk the foam. This mass is applied superficially to the carpet and massaged with massaging movements very carefully with a brush or a stiff brush.
  2. After this process, spray the cap abundantly or pour it with clean water. This manipulation is carried out to remove excess foam.
  3. Then perform the drying process with clean, dry towels. Can I wash a woolen coat by folk methods? This is permissible, but the recipe with sauerkraut, for example, is not suitable. In such cases, the use of neutral methods is more appropriate. For example, non-aggressive bran or black tea.

After reading the text, everyone now knows how and how to wash a rug from wool. 

Washing natural carpets in unfamiliar ways

How to wash a natural carpet at home with improvised means? The following recommendations are suitable only for the most courageous people.

  1. With a vacuum cleaner. Natural wool paint – a type of product, characterized by a pleasant texture. Vacuuming can disrupt thread tangles and change the structure of the original pile. You do not need to use it more than 3 times a week. Driving with a brush should be carried out very carefully, controlling the force of pressure, depending on the direction of the substrate. By observing these simple rules, particles of dust and dirt will be better removed. It is impractical to use a vacuum cleaner for washing. For such a pleasant texture, you should carefully perform wet cleaning.
  2. Wet cleaning. Despite all the caveats, a systematic wet cleaning is needed, but careful enough and neat. In such cases, it is undesirable to use chemical reagents that use a large amount of liquid.
  3. Salt cleaning. To do this type of disinfection, you need to take ordinary salt and carefully spread it on the carpet. Then he left for a certain period of time not exceeding an hour. The salt absorbs the slurry surplus from the product. Next, you need to sweep it with dirt with a broom and open the window in the room to dry the carpet.
  4. Snow cleaning. In winter, it is necessary to clean the carpet with snow. This can be done at periodic intervals of one week. For this purpose, the carpet is taken out to the street, then it is flattened and sprinkled with fresh snow. The product is left to lie down for a short period of time, after which the snow is swept away with a clean broom. This manipulation is repeated, after which the rug is turned over and shaken on the crossbar. After this procedure, the product becomes clean and fresh.
  5. Cabbage cleaning. Although the method is very old, its efficiency is very high. To carry out such a cleansing, only sauerkraut is needed, without adding vinegar and flavoring additives. This cabbage should be well wrung and evenly distributed over the product. First,  it is applied to the carpet for a while, and then wiped with a brush on a woolen product. Thanks to this manipulation, the cabbage will pick up the surplus of clay and change its original color to a gray shade. Then it is carefully cleaned and the rug dried.

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Light carpet cleaning

How to wash a light carpet at home while retaining its color? At first glance, the task seems impossible. But there is still a way out. To clean the carpet at home, it is necessary to take the following:

The frequency of cleaning a natural product – once every half a year. How do you wash the carpet at home? To do this, you should arm yourself with a soft brush for cleaning. To remove the objectionable dirt, you must prepare a special solution, the main component of which is ammonia. To do this, water is mixed with alcohol and soaked in a solution with a brush to make movements on the carpet, and then wipe the product with a damp, dry cloth. Further drying is carried out in the usual way.


Light coating is easily dirty and very difficult to clean. Therefore, we recommend using special tools for cleaning light products, the principle of which is based on the removal of dirt stains with a vacuum cleaner after washing. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a tool that meets all the recommendations. For a thorough cleaning of a light carpet product, you should use ordinary kitchen salt. The latter will need to be poured into the carpet in sufficient quantity and left for a couple of minutes. Then sweep with a broom.

Instant results can also be achieved with dry cleaning with ground soap and starch. This mixture is mixed to a homogeneous mass and poured onto the carpet, after which it is carefully vacuumed.

To remove mud surpluses from a light wool product, it is enough to use the usual peeled potatoes. To do this, it must be rubbed, mixed with water to a homogeneous mass and allowed to stand for a couple of hours. With the help of a sieve or gauze cloth, detach the liquid, and make a carpet cleaning with the potato composition . Then, clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner and dry it.

Above it was described in detail how to wash the carpet at home. If you follow all the recommendations, you can keep the original look of your favorite carpet for many years to come.


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