How to replace car carpet with rubber

How to replace car carpet with rubber

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your car’s carpet under the seats, console, replace car carpet with rubber and trim; It is a permanent fixture in your car. There are circumstances that can occur when you want to remove and replace, replace car carpet with rubber such as when the carpet is frayed off the driver’s heel, or the carpet is badly soiled and needs pressure to be washed or replaced, or there is a persistent bad smell such as when milk spills and spoils.

Your car’s carpet can be removed for either cleaning or replacement. The same process can be followed if you want to remove or replace the vinyl floor in your car.

Whether you use your car for work or have small children or pets, replace car carpet with rubber car mats may not hold up well over time. Replacing the rug with a rubber floor may be an ideal solution. Fortunately, you can buy rubber flooring kits that allow you to change the floor yourself. Most car manufacturers offer rubber flooring kits for different models, replace car carpet with rubber and the installation process is the same for most cars.

Part 1 : Remove the carpet from your car

The required materials

Step 1: Disconnect the negative battery cable. Loosen and remove the negative battery cable with the battery wrench, replace car carpet with rubber turning it counterclockwise to loosen it.

Airbag sensors are found in most modern car seats. If you do not disconnect the battery, it may cause the airbag to inflate by mistake. Leave the car for 10 minutes before removing the seats after disconnecting the battery.

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Step 2: Remove the front seats. There will be four ground screws on the front seat bottom rails.

Loosen and remove the screws with an appropriately sized ratchet and socket, replace car carpet with rubber replace car carpet with rubber and detach the seat’s wire pigtail. There will likely be one or two sets of wires attached to the seat that must be disconnected prior to removal.

Tilt the seat slightly to the side or back to access the belts, making sure not to pull on the wires. Press the lock tab into the connector and pull the two sides of the connector apart. Lift the seat off the vehicle, replace car carpet with rubber being careful not to scratch the trim with the seat tracks.

Step 3: Remove the back seat cushion. The rear seat bottom cushion may lift up from the front edge and slide out, replace car carpet with rubber or there may be two or three screws along the front edge.

Loosen and remove the bolts if equipped, then pull the seat out.

Step 4: Remove the decorative panels on the floor. There are plastic trim panels on the carpet in the front foot pegs, replace car carpet with rubber the B-pillars next to the front seats and along the door sills.

There may be additional decoration on your car as well. Remove all trim covering the raw edge of the rug. Pry through the edge of the rim with a plastic trimming stick until the spring clips on the back of the board come loose.

Remove all required trim panels in the same way. The trim stick prevents the board from being scratched by a tool.

Step 5: Remove the center console if your vehicle is equipped with one. Find your center console clamps; Usually there will be 2-4 in the storage compartment of your console.

There may be more around the perimeter of your console, replace car carpet with rubber too. You may have to remove the transmission frame using a trim stick or gearshift knob. Remove the screws with an appropriate screwdriver, replace car carpet with rubber possibly a Phillips head screwdriver.

Carefully lift the console out and position it where it will not be scratched.

Step 6: Remove the front seat belt buckles. Only remove seat belts if necessary.

It is a very important safety element and is held in place. Unnecessary removal can lead to failure and an accident.

  • Warning: If you removed the seat belt buckle, tighten it according to the manufacturer’s specifications with a torque wrench when reassembling. Find torque specifications by contacting your dealer.

Step 7: Pull the mat out of the car. Make sure to push any connecting wires carefully so you don’t damage the wires.

Carpets are very hard and can be difficult to manipulate. Be careful not to scratch the rough edges of your house from the inside.

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Part 2: Fit new carpet to your floor

Most vehicles have direct-fit replacement carpet sections available from your dealership’s parts department or by ordering from online retailers. It falls just like your old carpet did and requires very little trimming or preparation.

If you want a custom floor color or can’t find the perfect fit for your car, cut a new carpet to size. Keep old rug pieces as a template for cutting new ones.

Tip: If there is a foul smell from your carpet, replace car carpet with rubber sprinkle baking soda on the floor while it’s bare, then vacuum it before installing the new carpet.
the required materials

  • carpets
  • chalk
  • Versatile knife or scissors

Step 1: Lay the old carpet over the new section of carpet. Lay the old rug over the new rug to act as a mould.

Step 2: Outline with chalk. Use chalk to draw an outline about one inch wide and longer than the existing rug.

Copy over any openings, wiring access panels, replace car carpet with rubber or mounting hardware just like the original mat.

Step 3: Use scissors to cut the carpet. Cut the floor section with a sharp knife or shears, replace car carpet with rubber erring on the side of the larger than the small.

Step 4: Test the carpet pieces. Test the fit of your new parts in your vehicle, carefully trimming to get the best fit.

Part 3: Install your new carpet

Step 1: Put the rug sections in place. Pull the connecting wires through the mat before putting any fasteners or edges in place.

Make sure to route everything across the rug.

Step two: Install the center console. Install the screws in the reverse order of removal.

Having the center console in place and tightened will keep the carpet centered in the car.

Step 3: Install the plastic covers for the “B” column. Do this by sliding the spring clips on the back of the board into their slots in the sheet metal.

Step 4: Install the front seats. Put the seats in the car.

Tilt it to attach the connecting wires to the seats. Make sure the connectors stick together completely. Attach the front seats to the same hardware you removed. Tighten the seat mounting bolts as tightly as possible.

Step 5: Install the rest of the plastic trim. Do this in the same way as trimming the “B” column.

Step 6: Install the back seat. Lock them in place, aligning the tabs on the seat with the bracket in the ground, or install the screws if equipped.

Step 7: Reconnect the battery. Make sure it is connected correctly.

Note: You will need to reset the radio stations and any preset memory after reconnecting the battery. Also, do not leave the key in the car. It is possible that the electric door locks will lock when the battery is reconnected, or the alarm may be triggered.

Replacing your car’s carpet is an aesthetic upgrade that can greatly improve the appearance of your vehicle and can help eliminate unpleasant odors or stains. If you have any questions about the process, ask a mechanic for some quick and detailed advice to get you on the right track.

How to replace car carpet with rubber in 2023,
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How to Replace carpet in car with rubber

Most aftermarket car carpet kits come a little oversized and without pre-cut holes. Therefore, it will be a little work to get the new carpet into the car. There are two ways to cut and trim your carpet to get it in the car; You can choose the best for you. Your first option is to lay the new motorized rug over your old rug, trim the edges, replace car carpet with rubber and cut the holes. If you choose this option, you’ll need to be very careful not to over-cut holes or cut too many edges, because you’re using the old carpet instead of the car itself. The second option is to work the new carpet into the curves of the car floor and trim the carpet as you go. This method will give you more accurate results, but it can be more difficult. Either way, replace car carpet with rubber it’s important not to cut and trim too much with any one wound. It is best to work slowly, making small cuts and double checking that the rug has not moved after each cut.

A little secret to making small holes for things like seat bolts is to make a small “X” cut with the knife blade where the hole was in the original automatic mat. You can then simply push the latch across the mat. There is usually no need to try to cut an entire hole in your new carpet.

Every once in a while you’ll find that a small section of the robotic carpet wants to lift off the floor, replace car carpet with rubber or is trying to create a small fold. This can be easily fixed with a small shot of spray adhesive. It is not recommended to spray the entire car floor, replace car carpet with rubber as the molded carpet must be fixed in place with the seats in place and the pieces that were holding the original carpet in place. 

Once the motorized rug is in place and trimmed to fit, you can now begin replacing the pieces that were holding the original rug in place. If you remove the seats, sill plates, and trim pieces, all of those pieces will need to be returned to the vehicle.

Once all the pieces are back in place, your mission is complete. You’d be amazed at how much difference a little work can make to the look of your car, not to mention remove that bad smell that things like milk can leave behind!


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